The role of beer books

På inslagen väg drar jag iväg ett inlägg som är försent. Detta borde ha publiserats innan den 2 september för att vara en del av månadens This month’s Session is hosted by Blog Birraire (Joan Birraire in Barcelona) and is on “the role of beer books.
So it will be in english which makes the risk for silly writing error even bigger then when I use Swedish. But the topic really set me off so I thought I would give it a go even if it is way too late.

At one point you might think that books would play a less obviously role now 2016 then way back then before the internet. With the easy of finding information on the net, who needs books? Well, I do and I will later tell you why and what type of books.
Let me just first start with playing the negative role and pretend that I do not need books. Say that I am going to Cambridge, not do I need a out of date book to find some good pubs. And you may be sure that even the most updated book will have a feeling of missing out something just opened. If I would like to know more about How To Brew, why not just go to the homepage called How to brew from John Palmer or just browse around the youtube. Also you have plenty of forums where you might ask questions and not unlikely the answers will show up within just minutes.
Need info about a specific beer style? Do you really like to read a book full of misconceptions or even just . A quick look around Martyn Cornells homepage or if you prefer Ron Pattinson and they will confirm most ”mistakes” in beerhistorypart of modern beer books. So the questions stays, how come I always, always have a look for new beer books?

Brew Britannia, Karlströms MaltWell, to start with credibility it is not something that books suffer more from the other resources. My self I find that I have increased my critical review of facts and opinions but I absolutely have a long way to go still with that. But that counts for all types of information. Even if it’s coming from a brewer with hands on information. You simply always need to do your own thinking. What’s important to recognize is that it’s not a question if one thing or the other. Books are not to be compared with homepages, podcasts or such. The power of books doesn’t only come from the content but also from the way it’s presented. Books for me are a question of possibility of a special mood and feeling. The possibility to bring it with me to boring places like a bus stop and make it a pleasant place. The feeling of turning pages is unbeatable. It’s great to read about a specific brewery, told as a story, where the text, pictures and the texture of the book combines. It is possible to make something very extreme here. Almost like fan magazines. The feeling of climbing up in the armchair with a book is way better then the same armchair with an iPad or a computer. I would say that we would need more beer books about feelings and atmosfear instead of facts and numbers.



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